Sometimes you might find yourself in a position where you need to sell your RV. There are many different ways you can liqudate a recreational vehicle. They generally are:

1. Trade the RV in against another one. This is the way most people get rid of an RV, by getting another one. If that's an option for you, check out our inventory page. We do take trade ins of all types.

2. Try to retail sell it directly to another owner. This is the way you will get the most money out of your RV, as you selling for a retail type value. However, unlike a car you can't just stick a "For Sale" in the window and park it in your driveway and expect to sell it in a timely manner. Remember that only 1 in 10 households in the US either have or want to have a RV for themselves. That means 90% of the people driving by your RV for sale will have no interest in it. And even if they do, most of them will already have an RV, a trade in which you most probably don't want. If you are going to try and sell the RV on your own, you have to get it out into the marketplace. EBay, Craigs List, RV Trader online or any of the other multitude of advertising sites. It takes time and money, but it can be done.

3. Sell it to a dealer, like us! Yes, we buy RV's directly from owners. We can make an offer on almost any kind of RV. However, this will net you the least amount of money in your pocket. Remember, when you sell wholesale, you're selling it for what it is worth to a dealer. That's affected by what we have to spend to clean and detail it, advertise, market, repair it, overhead costs, etc. And then, if we can't sell it in a timely manner, we might have to take it to a RV auction and sell it to another dealer. All these factors and more affect the buying offer we can give you. MOST RV dealers will NOT offer you a cash buying price for an RV, at Mayes Remarketing we will.

4. Consign the RV. This is a happy medium between selling it retail, or selling it wholesale. We offer a free consignment program. You supply us with a good working condition, clean and detailed RV, and we will use our website, highly visable location, and expertise to market the RV for you, with you knowing up front and in writing exactly how much money you will receive from us after we sell it. We do not charge you any sort of "marketing " fees unless you want us to place it on EBay. All other marketing is done free of charge.

  Call anytime for details or to discuss all the options available to you. We will explain the process, educate you on the real market value of your RV, and even if we can't help you here, we will gladly offer free advice on how you should possibly try to sell the RV. We have over 50 years experience in selling preowned RV's. Call me today, Scott Jones at 317-507-8226, you have nothing to lose and free advice to gain!!