Learn More About Mayes Remarketing


Welcome to Mayes RV Remarketing, home of the best deals on recreational vehicles in the Midwest! We sell to customers all over the USA and Canada because we provide a better buying experience. We sell only pre owned recreational vehicles with a focus on motorhomes. The bulk our inventory come from bank or credit union repossessions, but we also take trade ins and offer a free consignment program. We have over 50 years experience in remarketing pre owned RV’s of all types. Anyone can offer to sell you a RV, but we provide you the following advantages.

  1. Great prices! We have low overhead because we don’t have a huge fancy showroom or sponser racing series. We are a small family dealership that tries harder to earn your trust and business. Isn't that what everyone wants, a deal!!!!!!
  2. NO fees! No prep fee, no doc fee, no freight fee, no clean up fee, no "get ready" fee, none of those annoying fees that dealers use to gouge their own customers. With Mayes Remarketing, you pay ONLY the price of the RV you are buying. If you live in Indiana, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North or South Carolina, Canada, or Mexico, or if you are a non resident of the USA, we have to collect 7% sales tax for Indiana and you will receive credit for it in your home state. If you live in any other state, you pay the sales tax when you register the RV.
  3. No surprises! We take as many as 100 pictures of every RV we offer for sale. We also try to include pictures of any flaws we see. Most dealers don’t do this. They just hope when you show up to get the RV, it’s not a big deal to you, or they try to “force” you into completing the sale. We would rather you know of any flaw BEFORE you make a decision to buy a pre owned RV of any type. We want you to be happy with the RV you buy from us. 
  4. No commission salespeople! You deal with people that have no agenda in trying to "steer" you into a particular RV to put more money in THEIR pocket. That helps us keep our prices lower than most dealers.

A lot of other dealers don’t like us because in their opinion we sell our RV’s too low. We hear a lot of stories from our customers about what other dealers have told them about us. Let’s clear that up from the beginning. We do not offer any RV’s for sale with branded titles. NO rebuilt, flood damage or salvage titles. We do NOT buy those. NO FEMA trailers. We have never and will never knowingly buy and/or sell any previous FEMA trailers. There is NO catch to what we offer as a dealership, great selection, great value, and a better buying experience!

Here on our website, you can view our inventory or email me to get a hotlink to even more pictures for any RV you see. Whether this is your first RV or your tenth RV, we're here to make your next purchase experience better than any you've ever had, so feel free to call us with any questions you might have. The best way is for you to call me direct on my cell phone, Scott Jones, at 317-507-8226.